Midweek chill out

Dolphins, squirrels, bees and rewilding

Nov 14, 2018

When you are in 'fight or flight' mode your adrenal glands secrete cortisol. This gives you the energy boost, reduced pain threshold and increased blood pressure to help you deal with the immediate situation. However, prolonged periods of high cortisol levels can lower your quality of life and ability to perceive and understand your environment.

Cortisol release can be triggered by any number of stressful situations, including challenging work conditions, caffeine, a shortage of sleep, even travelling by train.

Researchers have found that laughter and music both help reduce stress hormones. Living Money's mission is to help you sleep at night and live wholeheartedly by day, so we are happy to offer a midweek de-stress chill out, a short post with a piece of laughter, a bit of music and something to help you think, for a while, about something completely different.

(With thanks to Amy Brann, neuroscientist and author)

Laugh out loud

Dolphins and squirrels just doing what dolphins and squirrels do when they get together.

Discover more on YouTube

The magic of music

‘Honey’, the latest release from Robyn (and more about bees and honey in the coming weeks)

Discover more at Robyn’s site

Something to think about…

Rewilding, and the impressive work of Charlie and Isabella Tree at Knepp in West Sussex. Think about conservation and environmental renewal by letting go and allowing nature to take the driving seat rather than the conventional approach of targets, control and doing everything humanly possible to preserve the status quo.

Discover more at Knepp and read Wilding by Isabella Tree


Exercise and water are also important. Don't forget them!


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Until next week…

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