Midweek chill out

Remembrance time

Jan 30, 2019

When you are in 'fight or flight' mode your adrenal glands secrete cortisol. This gives you the energy boost, reduced pain threshold and increased blood pressure to help you deal with the immediate situation. However, prolonged periods of high cortisol levels can improve your lifestyle and ability to perceive and understand your environment.

Cortisol release can be triggered by any number of stressful situations, including challenging work conditions, caffeine, a shortage of sleep, even travelling by train.

Researchers have found that laughter and music both help reduce stress hormones. Living Money's mission is to help you sleep at night and live wholeheartedly by day, so we are happy to offer a midweek de-stress chill out, a short post with a piece of laughter, a bit of music and something to help you think, for a while, about something completely different.

(With thanks to Amy Brann, neuroscientist and author)

Laugh out loud

We write this on Sunday, and this Sunday is Holocaust Memorial Day. Unlike For Armistice Day, where the last few minutes of the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth manages to be both funny and deeply respectful of, and a tribute to, those who died in the First World War, there is nothing to compare for today’s memorial, so we’ll leave it for this week.

However, we’ve selected this clip from Newsnight for music. Its a tribute to Anita Lasker-Wallfish, the ‘cellist of Auschwitz’ and included a short excerpt from Caroline Moorhead’s outstanding book ‘Village of Secrets’

The magic of music

Magic may not be the right word, but this clip shows how music can shed light in the darkest places

Something to think about

Caroline Moorhead’s book ‘Village of Secrets‘ tells the story of a group of villages on the high plateau Vivrais-Lignon southwest of Lyons, where the villagers risked their own lives to save jews, especially jewish children, from the Nazis. here is a brief extract taken from towards the end of the book, as life on the plateau become more and more perilous and difficult.

“With Nice occupied, and no safe zone left anywhere in France, the need for hiding places and for getting people across the border intensified dramatically. The Jewish scouts, the EIF, quickly closed their children’s homes and dispersed the 400 children there, taking them in groups of 10 to Loinger in Annemasse, though the former sports instructor was finding the task of negotiating the border ever more hazardous. ‘The entire Jewish community,’ wrote one woman later, ‘gradually built itself deeper and deeper into an underground existence.’ It had become, the rescuers told each other, a race against time, for the war was at last turning in the Allies’ favour; but how many people, and in particular how many children, could they keep safe until France was liberated? A sort of frenzy enveloped them all. They hardly slept, filling their days and nights with audacious plans, the forging of ever more documents, scouring the countryside for people still willing to help. ‘Whatever else we do,’ they repeated to each other, ‘we must save the children.’”



Exercise and water are also important. Don't forget them!


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Until next week…


Midweek chill-out title photo credits Luca Upper Fernando Brasil Lesly Juarez Derek Thomson William Recinos on Unsplash


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