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If dogs could talk, what would they teach us?​

Dogs develop their own wisdom to live amongst different species.
They would teach us about friendship, habits, giving and taking.

Our dog, Augusta, talks to us much of the time. She seems to know what she is saying to us although we sometimes find it a little difficult to interpret.

Dogs are not stupid and they develop their own wisdom for their hybrid world. They learn how to live and flourish in a world created by a different species. If Gussie could talk, therefore, I think she would teach us that:

  • It’s good to talk, even if the humans do not understand you; at least you get their attention so they can narrow down the options to food, walk or play.
  • Although the humans provide us with food and shelter, it’s not just about taking what’s offered; its as fun and as rewarding to give back to the humans who look after us through companionship, entertainment, and carrying out chores or even working for them.
  • Being polite and kind to other creatures, whether they be humans or cats, generally makes life easier whereas getting aggressive leads to trouble.
  • Habits and routine are very helpful; breakfast at first light, walk in the morning, walk in the afternoon, dinner at 5, treats at 6, milk and bix before bed.
  • Barking when a human leaves the house is pointless; they always come back.
  • Keep your weight down and exercise up.
  • Old age is not for cissies.
  • Get me insured and don’t let it lapse.
  • Friendship and love are more important than anything else.

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