It takes courage and self-compassion to tell the true story of our painful money journeys.
When we do it leads to freedom and integrity.

You are on a journey. You have been, all your life. That’s why you are a different person from yesterday.

Whether it be a trip to the cinema, time spent in another part of the world, building or breaking a relationship, living through illness, journeys are transformational.

Or are they?

Do our journeys actually transform us, or is it the stories of our journeys that transform us? Do we get the real transformational benefits of our life’s journey if we don’t narrate our story.

The journey story

Sometimes the story is difficult to tell, especially if we have failed in someway. The temptation is to spin the story when we tell it to others to hide our failures, to protect ourselves from ourselves, to paint ourselves in a better light.

Money stories can be particularly difficult to tell because of the seriously deep and difficult emotions they bring to the surface

It takes courage and self-compassion to tell the true story of our money journeys. This is why telling our true stories is the source of our freedom and integrity. When we find the courage to reveal our vulnerabilities and our failures to ourselves and to others something shifts inside us, a sense of relief and power that we are no longer living a lie.

This is what happened to me:

Stories give meaning to our lives

When we tell the stories of our money journeys – or any journey for that matter – we enhance our own understanding of what happened to us. We learn from our journeys. We use what we have learnt to make a contribution to the world.

Its our traveller’s tales that give meaning to our lives, not the journey.

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