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Why travel spend needs a higher priority…

As we move into the summer holiday season and travel takes precedence over work for a while, I wanted to give you an opportunity to reflect on the deeper meanings and benefits of your forthcoming journeys.

Get travelling with life and financial plans

I have long argued that we must give a much higher priority in our financial plans to travel. Financial life planning is the framework we need for our growth and personal development (for the benefit of the world, not just us). Travel is a wonderful route to growth, which is why I have argued for some time that an important goal of financial life planning should be to facilitate more frequent and purposeful travel.

Growth, travel, time, work and money are often in conflict in our lives. Life and financial planning provides a structured route to resolving these conflicts.

My main post for July – Why Travel Spend Needs a Higher Priority – is an introduction to the power of transformative travel. It gives you an opportunity to reflect on why you might need to re-prioritise your travel spending plans and to consider also why pre-travel preparation is as important for your growth as the journey itself.

Deadlines – a curse or a blessing?

As we prepare to travel we usually come up against deadlines. I have published a subsidiary post – Make Deadlines Work for You – which explains why deadlines are a good thing and describes a surefire method and resource for exploiting deadlines and making them work for you in a way that relieves stress and ensures you get the most from your journey.

In August I’ll post my thoughts on how the journey itself can lead to personal growth and how to make the most of that unique and often challenging post-journey time  as we return to ‘the person we are in ordinary life and withdraw from the person we essentially are’, in the words of Alain de Botton.