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Your mind and body are your most valuable resources – take care of them

It is an honour and a privilege to send this email from Lourdes in the French Pyrenees. Lourdes has has been a place of healing for the sick for 160 years. This is my seventh visit to Lourdes as a helper, either with an organised pilgrimage or assisting with the day to day running of the Sanctuary.

Preparing for the trip inspired me to take the care of our mind and body as a theme for this month.

‘We are all damaged’ one wise individual told me and healing the spirit is an important path to a meaningful life. However, the care and protection of your mind and body is as important. They are, after all, your most valuable resource for leading a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Unfortunately, the obstacles to getting a good diagnosis to a health problem (and then the correct treatment) are numerous. The story of my friend Alice, who fell down a rabbit hole last year, testifies to this. In contrast to (and probably complimentary to) the spiritual healing of Lourdes, technology, big data and artificial intelligence are now playing an increasingly important role here.

I have summarised my findings in this month’s post on the Living Money blog. This is a short summary of a more detailed exploration of the topic on the Members’ site, which includes an extensive video presentation, reviews of ‘online doctors’ such as Ada, Babylon and Your.md, and additional comments from experts in the field.