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Money is often a proxy for the ego. When it comes to money, letting go of our ‘financial ego’
and replacing it with ‘financial compassion’ can be deeply liberating.


Letting go is a fundamental practice for living, earning and spending with integrity.

The consumer society imposes tremendous social and financial pressures on us. Consequently, we are urged to have more, be the best, be better than, copy the stars. This has led to unprecedented levels of narcissism, perfectionism and comparison. And it has also led to an indebted, addicted and clinging society.

Recognising and confronting these pressures will help us to live an authentic life grounded in financial enlightenment and organisation. We will achieve sustainable freedom by accepting and living the person we genuinely are and letting go of the person we are under pressure to be.

Letting go of greed and selfishness

‘Letting go’ is the key phrase here. Its is important to re-discover the art of what the ancient Greeks termed ‘kenosis’ and which Karen Armstrong, the highly acclaimed author and commentator, describes as  ‘emptying oneself of the greed, selfishness, and pre-occupations that, perhaps inevitably, are engrained in our thoughts and behaviours’ – and which, by extension, are the source of much of our pain, especially around money.

Money is often a proxy for the ego. We use money to let our ego express itself to the detriment of our true selves and what we really want to be and do. So when it comes to money, letting go of our ‘financial egos’ will be liberating.

Replacing egotism with compassion

The alternative to egotism is compassion. Its a profoundly important principle of letting go of our ego to live a completely different way of life. Drop the ego, practice compassion, use you money in a meaningful way that helps you and others to grow, and life becomes very different.

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