Mastering philanthropy and altruism

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In this season of charity and gifts
how do you decide who to give to,
how much to give and how

Christmas is a time of happiness for most of us. However, there is a dark underside to the festival in the form of those many requests for your money from charities and causes. Of course, they do a good job and are worthy of supporting. However, all those asks can leave you stressed and feeling guilty.

So how do you choose which organisation to give to and – as importantly – who not to give to?

And actually, isn’t altruism an activity for life, not just for Christmas? Is there merit in having a thought through plan for how you are going to support those charities and causes? Is it just about donating money or does it go deeper than that, getting more involved, getting more interested?

We think so and this month we are making available to everyone the full content from the restricted  Living Money Members site in which we discuss the subject of altruism and philanthropy in depth. The post contains a video presentation and accompanying text, links to other videos and useful sites and a couple of downloadable worksheets to help you work out your own personal approach to how you contribute to making the world a better place.

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