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‘We can help people sort out their lives
but it all falls down when it comes to money.’

These were the words spoken to me a few years ago by a delegate at a conference on financial life planning. She was one of the first from the counselling and therapeutic professions to attend a conference for financial life planners, and she was fascinated and thrilled by the potential she saw for the two professions to work together.

I have heard similar comments on a number of occasions since then from families and individuals as well as counsellors. They are the reason behind the launch of our new blog, Leading the Way to Personal and Financial Freedom.

The blog will give everyone a place to go to for help in dealing with their lives and their money.

The five key objectives of the blog are to:

  • Bring your life and money into harmony
  • Slay your scarcity dragons
  • Build your self worth and net worth
  • Help you sleep at night and live meaningfully by day
  • Master your life and money

The posts in the blog are and always will be written to answer those pressing questions that arise around life and money. There are six themes, each of which is introduced by a keystone article:

  • Me helping you answer your questions about who you are, why you are here and what your purpose is
  • My world helping you answer your questions about your environment, the people you interact with and trends
  • Growth helping you recognise the importance of personal development and how to incorporate it into your life
  • Money helping you understand the role of money in your life and your relationship with money
  • Work helping you bring perspective to the role of work in your life whilst understanding the importance of your work to others as well as yourself
  • Resources helping you assess, plan and monitor your resources and manage them to support your life sustainably and ethically

I hope you will be a frequent visitor to the Living Money blog. I would also welcome your contributions, either by commenting on posts or as a guest blogger. Please get in touch with me if there is a topic you would like to contribute to the blog.

We have also added to the Living Money Members site. Short summaries of these detailed posts are now on the blog and cover Financial Organisation, Recovering from a Fall and Open Banking