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What are good ways to learn to wake up early to go running?
I only have time to run before I start work: however I’m not a morning person.
How can I train myself to wake up to go running when it’s cold and I’m tired?

In short, set your alarm clock. Get up. Go

I answered this question on Quora in in December 2014, almost five years ago. I am now nearly 65, run three times a week covering 20 kms a week in winter, 30 in the summer and complete in 10k and half-marathon races. I often run in the early pre-dawn mornings, so I suppose I am less inclined now to take prisoners than I was five years ago, which is why my answer to this question is very different from my 2014 answer.

In short:

  • Set your alarm the night before
  • When it goes, get up and put your kit on
  • Warm up and stretch
  • Get outside and run

If you want to be a little more sophisticated add these steps before you set your alarm the night before:

  • Check the weather forecast for tomorrow
  • Decide the distance and route you are going to run
  • Decide what kit to wear and lay it out, ready to put on when you get up next morning
  • Set your alarm

Honestly, if you want to run, then get up, get out and run. Stop with the excuses and procrastinations. If it is cold and uncomfortable for you then tough. Its the same for all of us, so stop messing around and get on with it.

This post has been adapted from Jeremy Deedes’ original answer to a question on asked by a Quora member.
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