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Your brain can and does change.
By learning how it works and taking steps to change your brain
you can tap the unused potential in you.

You probably don’t pay too much attention to your brain. In fact, you probably take it for granted. After all, it is out of sight behind your eyes. You don’t normally feel it unless you have a headache. What little you do know about it tells you its a complex organ, difficult to understand.

Yet everything you think, do and say originates there. Your brain is you. It perpetuates your habit of making a pot of tea every morning, then only drinking half a cup. It was responsible for your terrible decision to invest your money in a ‘too good to be true’ scheme. Or, it makes you keep your money in ’safe’ cash to slowly loose its value in real terms.

Elsewhere, a part of your brain generates enthusiasm for saving money for a big treat. Unfortunately, another part indulges in regular self-sabotage by dipping into these savings for impromptu after-work get togethers. Or else one part of your brain shouts ‘My job sucks’ whilst another refuses you permission to quit. And as for those fights over money and life with your partner…

Its time to start learning about your brain…

So take a look at our monthly post on the subject of neuroscience to start the ball rolling. We write in our newsletter this month that the nights are getting longer and colder, so what better time to start learning about your brain.

Happy reading!