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The save or spend choice is at the heart of your relationship with money,
and indeed your whole worldview.

Is your life a hunt for more in which you accumulate wealth and live to make a fortune? Or is it about about how much you spend to make a difference as your intentions flow through your money?

And does it matter?

In this month’s lead post and newsletter we argue that the question is both topical and relevant.

It focuses on the fundamental choices you make about how you lead your life. You may be exhausting your time, energy and quality of life in a job you hate because it pays a significant salary. This adds to your financial worth, but not your self-worth. Alternatively, ‘making a difference rather than making a fortune’ may be more important for you.

The answer comes down to our relationship with money. This relationship shapes our decisions on how we earn, save and spend money. It determines whether we go down the route of prudence or of unintentional self-harm.