How do I live positively?

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How should I have a positive attitude to life?

Live for the moment. Embrace the day. Whether you are hampered by obstacles or presented an opportunity, approach each in the same way. Be optimistic about each situation; by doing so you increase the chance of achievement and success.

Not everything in life is under our control. But we all have the ability to choose how we react to any situation.  Stay calm; make the best of every situation.  It is always your choice how you react.

Try not to worry about the little things.   Focus on key things that are really important.  Reflect on all you have.  Don’t spend time thinking about what you don’t have.  Be happy for where you are at present.

Be bold and courageous. Don’t let other peoples opinions of you affect what you do.  Always believe you can achieve anything you put your mind too.

By creating a positive attitude you will feel happier, more energised.

Finally, remember that, in the words of author and psychologist Emma Seppälä, Science Director for the Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, happiness (aka, a positive attitude to life) is a prerequisite of success, not an outcome. Happiness is a habit you can build rather than let it happen.

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