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Our relationship with money is where life and money meet and form
our route to happiness and freedom, so why do we pay it so little attention?

So, what do you make of Christmas? And what about money?

We seem to celebrate Christmas by going on the biggest spending spree of the year fuelled by tremendous consumer and commercial pressures.

‘Sleigh bells ringing
Just hear those tills a-singing’
(With apologies to the Ronettes)

Do you rejoice in this pressure, and give yourself permission to see Christmas as a time to get away from the long autumn grind and the dreary winter weather. Or do you do your best to ignore the pressures and risk being called a Scrooge?

The January hangover

And how do you deal with January’s bank and credit card statements? Are you feeling guilty because you realise that maybe you could (or should) have spent a bit more on your family and friends. Or do you get on a terrible post Christmas downer as you realise how much you have overspent?

Or maybe, just maybe, you got it right. You are at peace with yourself. You feel that the money you spent was driven by the love you felt for your family and friends and by a sound understanding of your financial position.

Our relationship with money matters

The key lies in our relationship with money. Christmas, because of the pressures, is a time when that relationship is tested, often to the limit.

In her landmark book The Soul of Money, Lynn Twist describes our relationship with money as the route to a new freedom, truth and joy. She calls it ‘the pathway to personal and financial freedom’.

So when we work on our happiness and freedom, our relationship with money counts, possibly far more than the practicalities of money which tends to be our main focus.

Happy Christmas and a very happy and wealthy new year.

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