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You can grow and develop,
become a different and better person
lead a fun-filled, stress-free life
by promoting greater self-awareness

How well do you know yourself, and does it matter?

Self-awareness matters. This is because the decisions and actions you take are influenced by where you stand on the spectrum between self-delusion and self-awareness.

Self-awareness provides for congruency between how you see yourself and who you really are. And that means you will probably be more successful in your day-to-day living, loving, work and play.

Self-delusion, conversely, ensures your own view of the world bears little relation to reality. It will, therefore, result in poor decisions, stress and ultimately, failure.

Self-awareness creates integrity

When you know yourself, you can play to your values, your strengths and your weaknesses. In turn, this means you are more likely to live a life of integrity, to maximise your potential, to do no harm and to be a force for good. It means you know when to say ’No’ because it’s beyond your capabilities. You know when to say ‘Yes’ and make a positive difference. And you know when you need to seek advice or participate in further personal development to achieve a goal you consider yourself unable to reach without help.

That’s quite a tough call if you think about it. The self-examination (or self-reflection) needed to gain insights about yourself can be pretty tough, especially if you are in a state of shame about something.

Self-awareness as personal development

Fortunately, self-awareness is rising up the personal development agenda, and researchers and commentators such as Dan Gallagher, Tasha Eurich and Brené Brown have much to teach you on the subject.

It’s worth looking at what they have to say because through self-awareness it is possible to grow and develop, to become a different and better person than you were. Life is smoother, more fun, less stressful than it was because self-awareness has been the catalyst for the change that was necessary.

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