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To learn or to play (or to work)?
Here is Living Money’s view…


The full question on Quora was:

‘What do you think of a student who saves money from being socially active to support their education?’

To which we replied:

Dear N,

Thank you for asking me to respond to your question which, by the way, is an excellent question.

For clarity, I understand that you are asking me whether its better to save money you would otherwise spend on going out and socialising and use your saved money for your education.

In answering, I ask myself what principles and values are relevant here, which are most important, which are least important, and how can they be applied.

First, I believe in education, which is a lifelong activity and an imperative for personal growth and development. Personal development is the best way of enhancing your skills and abilities so that you can make more of a difference to the world and the people in it.

Second, no one is an island, and if you lock yourself away in your study you miss out the opportunity of connecting socially with your peers, elders and potential partners. These connections are an aid to your personal growth as well as your route to your career and personal ambitions. They become, importantly, the forum where you can exchange and debate ideas. Ideas stimulate your creativity and lead to something when you turn them into action.

Finally, I dislike black and white. Its never one side of the coin or the other. For me the coin keeps spinning between heads and tails, bringing some balance to life and work. The phrase ‘work life balance’ may have been overused. That does not mean its no longer relevant. So I would aim for some balance in my life with a thought through combination of work, life and learning.

You might want to formalise this in a form of a plan, which might revolve, for example and with out putting words in your mouth, around working Monday to Friday, evening classes on Wednesday evening, a course on Saturday, out with friends Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday just for you (no work or learning).

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